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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010

Couples: Destiny's Tryst

“Have you thought about it?”
“Hmm, May be. May be not.”
“When were you to tell me that?”
“When I think, I aught not…”
A bellow not from the belly
A tear not from heart
A charge amid the cacophony
A hush falls around
Disparate scrub downs.

“Do you care about your wife?” voice over sobs,
The hurt sentiment exhibited in crude;
“Ah! Drama; you women!” said the insolent brute
Gray puffs among white flakes
Muffled sobs under the drapes

“How did we meet?”
“Where will we end?”
Ashes cindered in empty bottles;
Solitaire, fitz and puzzles;
Aid in fleeting thoughts’ shuttles.
She had danced through his heart
He had too, band-aided his part.
When stars were bright
When songs were alight
When two shows were pieced
When objections were raised
Through punch drunk confessions of love
Through contrasting rummaging tussles
The families had finally appeased.

Reflections of night on sheets of snow
Nuzzling closer, the comic serenades
Lips part, laughter resonates.
Ending the want and beginning a show.
“Dance with me?”
“I will be careful and not step on your feet.”
“You are but human, my dear.”
Smirks and chaffs begin.
As the moon descends;
The sassy transcends.

“I want a scrumptious dinner.”
Demands the other half.
“You like to be fed too?”
Chides the wife.
“Go make me a sandwich bitch”
Hollers the man of the house.
Diverse demands, similar intents
Hearts, minds, bodies;
Eventually all alike, sewed to the world.
Ah! The heap that remains in the grind.

Love is in the air; quarrels abound.
Ardor survives; but on raucous grounds.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Stupider by the day,
Uglier by the night
The spaces in my mind are closing
People I relied on are dwindling
Storms I evoked are weakening
Brains I messed with are dorkier
Brawns I eyed are measlier
Now when I look there is no one hotter
My best 'Come hithers.'
Evoke a response, but stupider
Trends might be expanding
Ugly is a factor that is lengthening
I wish global warming leaves intact the salmon
...and gets rid of the human!

Friday, August 8, 2008

In the making...

It took me a long time to mould him.
Cut him and split him.
The name was carved, the initials etched.
“Kaiser”, No That sounds like a bun. “Klavun”, now that sounds like the sun.
On to the soft etchings now, rugged rubble or gillette smooth? But ruffled doesn’t go along.
I settled upon a razor sleek and saloon tousled, Ah, the rumbling unfettered duo...

I’ll leave for now and attend later; I have but a small portion of clay to cater.
The glaring eyes are watching my moves and pretext and “work” are giving me the blues…

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cadavers and Caviars

There is a difference between dead and alive
The fresh corpse and charred divine.

Spring of summers was finally here
Chicago was covered in moist haze
He asked around for a match
Thought the parking lot needed the air
Ah, all he had to do was look
The fountains sprung up, crystal and colored
The vision of marigolds and sunflowers
The glistening blue steel and melting rearview

There is a difference between dead and alive
The fresh corpse and charred divine.

It was ready to be paved now, off with all its glory.
The white and yellow paint and the median divide
One with a brush and one with the pipes
Drawn in the lanes of white
Having a good time or belching for a time.
Life lived in; life crawled out
South side, Burbs or the snooty Deerfield
Lexus, BMW or the Camry bravura
Among the aftermath, chugs, shouts, pimples and purpura.
There was a smile in every corner
There was a frown in every lane
There was a disdain of general crowd
There was a raw fury of piranha
And they all refrained from making a sound.

There is a difference between dead and alive
The fresh corpse and charred divine.

…Hence in continuity a lot to be contributed.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Lurking Sips by Dusty Lips

Windows ajar, unfettered in my room
Morning light forays in,
Illuminates every corner, walls and sides,
Darkness lingers still…

Roasted coffee, the hazelnut flavored, served with taffy
Dissipating fragrances, bitter sweet
Stale routine, again touches the lips
White and black mixed well
Darkness lingers still…

Crystal waters and pinkish gels
White suds covet black luxurious strands
Cascades of silk of the skin, glowing akin, burning within
Darkness lingers still…

Lying in the dust and to the wind
Dead ravenous crepes
Soothing sands as mud plodded in
Speck of light dots away
Darkness consumes overtakes.

Do not set that alarm
No need to follow the regime.
Stop performing the same morbid show
The morons, who watch, are audience forlorn
Shut those lashes and close those lids
Lash away the liberated soul
For the light lingers in...

Friday, October 5, 2007

Obscene Delicacies

Chained to a fence
Snow-white on the rusty lawn
The French poodle
Groomed and proud

Ready to be knifed
Floral and triple tiered
In the baker’s window
Cake’s final show

Coloring it red
Pressed and ground
Initial green on a bride’s hand
True for henna’s plight

Plucked for musty lovers’ night
Subtle drifting scents
Fighting the nettles
Blooms a rose bud

Bared and nailed
Standing strong
Withstands the hammering
Gilds all’s shameful glories
The wall also gives the stories

Up on a pedestal
Dreams made of petals
Once it lands there
Where air is rare
Where moon is pure
Complying to mere words
Love has been sheared
She now lies bare